Old, Haggard & Only 28


When I went to sleep I was 18.  When I woke up I was old, haggard and a 28-year-old mommy of 3.  But, I will let you in on a little secret:  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I was literally a “hottie” for only 2 years.  I graduated high school a petite, blonde, hazel-eyed gal ready to take on the world.  I loved fashion and looking as cute as possible.  Dated a few people, fell in love once or twice.  Used to go for a jog every day.  Thought I had found love and by the age of 20, was ready to have my first baby girl.  After I had my beautiful girl, I had more hips and curves than I had ever had.  My old clothes no longer fit, but I was still decent looking.  Not too bad for a mommy who just had a baby.  

A divorce, new love and a few years later, I had two more babies.  2 handsome little boys, 17 months apart from each other and 4 & 5 years older than their sister.  Needless to say, the petite, blonde, hazel-eyed gal is now a “curvy,” roots always showing, puffy eyed momma.  This my friends is not “hottie” material. 

I have stretch marks in places I never knew existed.  I have 3 lines on my belly where each baby was taken (all c-sections), and I definitely have childbearing hips.  My eyes have little lines on them, both from laughter and lack of sleep.  My skin is so darn dry now and my thyroid is even more out of whack than it was back in my hottie years.  My size 4 jeans now probably will fit one leg and I have to wear tank tops that suck in my gut rather than wearing them just to show some cleavage (yes, I did that back in the day).  Not to mention I breast-fed all three of my kiddos so the “girls” are no longer a member of the perky pep squad they once were.  If I go for a run now, my knees and back give out before I start.  I like to think of my current routine as “power walking.”  A run in our home now usually means we need to go to the store to stock up on some more diapers.

Some days, I look at people I am friends with that haven’t had kids yet.  Some days I wish I still had my old body like they do.  It would make my “5 squats until they fit” jean ritual much easier to deal with in the mornings.  But, typically, the minute I get that thought in my head, it goes away just as fast as it came.  I look at my kiddos and am so proud of who they are.  My 7-year-old, ballerina girl, who is going to be entering the 2nd grade; My animated 3-year-old boy who loves to sing and play instruments and my almost 2-year-old, dimpled, happy little boy who just loves people.  Those 3 make me so happy.  They make me so happy to have the body I have now.  They made me forget about the person I was and concentrate on the person I have become now.  

A person they know as just “Mommy.” 

...After 🙂


Stacy 🙂


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