This morning, my 3-year old and I braved the grocery store to prepare for Hurricane Irene.  I like to take one of the 3 kiddos with me so Daddy isn’t all alone with everyone.  He does the same for me.  Anyway, we took off smiling and parked the car.  The van door opened and a few rays of sun shined right into my little mans eyes.  You would think somebody was being attacked by a bear!  Holy moly son, calm thy self, it’s the sun!  I gave him his sunglasses and he was feeling pretty cool and sun free.  That was meltdown numero Uno.

We get inside the store and the nice greeter man said hello to us.  Little man decides to keep his head down and refuses to speak.  Ok, that’s rude buddy.  Gave him a speech, but can’t preach too much, I don’t always like people either.  Minor meltdown, so we will call this 1 1/2.

Picked up school supplies for my daughter, here comes meltdown #2.  “I want markers!  I want highlighters!  I want school things too!  I want to go to school!”  Oy.  “Sorry buddy, you have your stuff at home, but I promised you and your brother some cars, so we will pick some up today.”  “But… I.. Want… School!”  Oh, I can feel the eyes of people burning into the back of my head.  Possibly a combination of paranoia and anxiety.   Gave him the keep it up and we are leaving speech, but he knows we needed food still.  We weren’t even out of school supplies yet.  Awesome.

Toy section time, yippy skippy.  So many toys and so much a 3-year old “needs.”   After several “nos” to $15 cars/trucks, we settled on a 5 pack of construction toys for $5 that he and his little brother would share.  Miraculously, he agreed.  Ran into somebody who witnessed meltdown #2.  To me, the look seemed like disapproval with a small negative head shake.  Paranoia again?  Maybe.

Groceries!  Finally at the grocery section.  I normally loathe the grocery section, but I was rejoicing by now.   After about 7, “no we cannot eat sugar and Spaghetti-Os for dinner every night” discussions, we finished the food portion.  Time now to get Daddy his supplies for his work week, a pair of shorts  and diapers.  No, the diapers are not for daddy.  

Shorts, check.  Work stuff, check.  Diapers, ch…  “I WANT THAT!!!”  Shelved between the mens clothing and diapers was an end cap loaded with Lightning McQueen sofas.  Really?  A Lightning McQueen sofa?   $20.  Ok, maybe that price isn’t so bad.  However, if I come home with one little kid, Lightning McQueen sofa, what are my other two kids going to want?  That makes the total price of that idea $60.  Rent coming up, on a budget this week, this just isn’t going to happen.  “But, I want one so bad momma.”  And now, here come the tears.   

I managed to distract him somehow and he forgot about the silly sofa.  Made it to the check out and after 3 registers turning me away for breaks or for price checks, we were unloading our stuff.  This is good.  Little man is helping me put stuff on the belt from the cart.  Smiling, laughing, ready after 1 1/2 hours to get the h, e double hockey sticks out. 

Tears.  Screaming.  “THAT MAN TOOK MY SOFA MOMMY!”  Sure enough, of all people in a Super Wal-Mart to get behind us, a man with a Lightning McQueen sofa. 

Really?  REALLY?!

Packed up the cart, distracted little guy with a “big boy sip of water” at the water fountain and literally ran.  I was running to get out.  I said bye to the nice greeter.  Flashed a stare down back at same lady who made me paranoid for having a NORMAL 3-year-old.  We left, kind of smiling.  Maybe a little frazzled too. 

As we were walking back to the van, I heard a scream.  I looked at my little guy and he was happy and holding the bread for me.  I glanced over and saw another Mom.  Her little one must have been around 3.  She was screaming.  I gave the Mom a re-assuring smile and she gave me a frustrated smile back. 

Good luck Mom.  Hope she doesn’t see the kid sofas.




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 21:02:41

    Oh boy! So this is what’s in store for me? I’m pregnant with our first…due in Feb…so I guess I have some time to prepare for the meltdowns.


  2. Tracy
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 12:28:28

    Oh, I remember those days. Throwing herself onto the floor, yelling, screaming, that goodness she finally grew out of that. My younest if 12 now. She’s been bugging me for a cell phone for the longest time. I told her for 7th grade she’ll get one. I did get her one. I learned that 12 yr, old girls need unlimited talk & texting. They go to school together all day, then call each other & talk about what happened at same school, giggle, talk about boys….yada, yada, yada. Then there is hair drama in the mornings. Just a couple of weeks ago I was ‘mommy’. Now, I’m ‘mom’. I don’t get hugs in front of certain friends & never in the parking lot @ school. She thinks to pay for things all ya have to do is swipe a card. I find myself channeling my mother, ‘wait until you get a job,then you’ll appreciate things more’. Not sure I’ll make it thru the teen years.


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