Opinions Are Like…..

Billions of people on this Earth, 6.94 billion as a matter of fact.  That’s 6.94 billion DIFFERENT opinions.  So, riddle me this?  Why do some people only believe their opinion is the right one? 

From politics, to entertainment, sports teams to raising kids, religions to vehicle makes,  everybody has a different thought.   Why is it so difficult to just deal with the fact that the things one person loves, you may hate?  Why do we try to change them to like what we like?  Why not accept people for who THEY are?  Not for who YOU want them to be.

I know one person, whom I do love dearly.   Just this one thing gets to me every time.  I will say something like, “Oh, I had a great night.  I scrapbooked and watched the Red Sox.”  The entire time I talk, she shakes her head no.  “Why are you shaking your head?”  I ask, slightly confused.  “I hate baseball and I don’t understand why people scrapbook.  Such a waste of time.”  She said this so caught up in what it is she hated, she sounded like she hated me!   She continued shaking her head and that was the end of that. 

How can you get through to those who have such strong opinions?  What makes their opinion the “right” one?


“Oh, she shouldn’t be wearing that outfit.”  

Says who?

“They should only  have 2 children.  3 will be way too much for them.”

And you know this how?

“He makes more than the President.  They can afford that!”

Have you personally seen his paycheck?

“She’s put on weight!  She needs to get to the gym.”

Maybe, but is she happy?

Why do these issues matter so much to people that they don’t even involve?  Maybe everyone has their own religious belief.  Maybe everyone feels differently about how the world should be.  That doesn’t give anybody the right to insult somebody over what it is they feel and who it is they love.  

Maybe we need to start worrying about how we can make that other person happy?  It seems as though everyone is so into how they feel about something, they forget that they may be hurting somebody else in the process.  Maybe it would make the world a happier place if people left their opinions at home once in a while?  Maybe our children would learn to open their own minds as they grow?

Maybe, just maybe, an open mind may lead to something beautiful and amazing? 

 It could be worth trying. 🙂




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