Mommy Adventures –Things I Have Learned After 3 Kiddos

Let the nurses help you after giving birth!  Don’t be stubborn!  Let them have the baby, it’s their job and you know he/she is in the best care.  Enjoy your sleep!  Lord knows, you won’t get any sleep for a while!  

Lose the bottle BEFORE 12 months!  I learned the hard way with my daughter, it took forever to drop that habit.  However, it taught me to get my boys off of it asap!  By 10 months, both had their sippy cups.  Yes, you’ll have 2-3 rough nights, but let me tell you, it will be worth it!  It will also save you a ton on dental work for them. 

Don’t rush the firsts!   I wanted to have my daughter be the kid that took her steps before the others, or the kid who spoke first.  Don’t rush it!  They will take their steps when they are ready!  Enjoy the time while they just kind of sit there!  It won’t last forever!  Same with potty training, it won’t be the end of the world if they are not fully potty trained by 2 or 3!  He/She will not be graduating high school in diapers.  Just take your time, don’t get frustrated.  Practice, but have patience.  It will happen! 

Pacifiers aren’t a necessity.  Bumbo seats are!  Now, not everyone agrees with the pacifier thing.  Some people think they are great for their children’s teeth.  That could be true, but none of my 3 had one and so far, so good.  I did try to give one to my daughter because I think they look adorable, but she hated it!   One of my pet peeves is seeing a 3 or 4-year-old that still has one.  I personally don’t think that is necessary, but you know what is said about opinions!  Now for the Bumbo!  This thing is genius.  You can sit your infant in it and it gives them needed strength and exercise.  It’s also great for family photos!  One of my son’s had Infant Torticollis.  It means “twisted neck.”  His neck would stay to one side.  The Bumbo helped him balance his head and work those muscles.  He outgrew it and I thank the Bumbo for helping with that! 

The stink eye is unavoidable.  Just let it roll!  Your child is going to have tantrums.  It happens.  No matter what we say, our children are not always perfect little angels.  And those who pretend to have perfect angels are either lying or bracing for the teen years.  You will go into a store, your child will scream and some lady or man at the end of the aisle will give you the stink eye. DON’T LET THIS BOTHER YOU!  This still gets to me and if there was one thing I wish I could have learned sooner, it would be to ignore it!   Maybe they are judging you.  Maybe they just like your hair or your shoes?  Maybe, just maybe, your kid is so darn cute they are in shock and just react by giving a stink eye.  Don’t worry about it!

It’s ok to get dirty!  Let them play in mud and kick around some dirt once in a while!  They are kids!  Bathe them of course, but just let them get dirty.  It’s good for them!  Now, when it’s family portrait or time to go visiting on a holiday, maybe keep them away from the mud puddles.   After the photos are done, go jump in the puddles with them!  😉 

You know the school bully isn’t the end of the world, they don’t. Pretend it is.  As grown ups, we know that the little 6-year-old playground bully that mattered back then doesn’t matter now.  To our children though, this is their world.  This was the biggest thing that happened to them.  Show you care.  By blowing them off and telling them it’s stupid, it’s going to hurt their little feelings.  Teach them to be tough, but at the same time, be delicate.  

Don’t force them to be somebody they are not.   I loved softball.  I just loved it.  And I love the Red Sox.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to have children that would love it also!  Well, t-ball sign ups came around and my daughter just was not feeling it.  She wanted to continue with her dance.  So far, my 3-year-old isn’t so much into baseball either.  Of course there is plenty of time, but I won’t force them to play.  Doing that would probably end up with a few black eyes from lack of paying attention. 

 SAY CHEESE!  I am a photo queen.  I have to take photos of everything.  Some people can file the memories away, but I want my children to have photos of them doing silly things together.  It’s just important to me and I am sure it will be to them as well when they get older.  It’s still fun to compare photos of myself as a child to them.  I don’t have enough and really wish I had more.  I go a little picture crazy, sure, but it will be worth it when my husband and I are old, wrinkly and rocking in our chairs.  We will be missing our babies.  Pictures may help fill the void.  😉 

Time flies.  People will tell you how fast it goes and you start to brush off those words after the 100th time.  However, it does.  It flies by.  My “baby” girl is already 7. Just like that, 7 years went by and she started 2nd grade.  It’s amazing.  My boys are already 3 and almost 2.  They were just newborns!  I will cry like a baby when they start school like their big sister.  

Like my parents say, their “baby” girl is already 28 with 3 kids of her own. 😉 




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Sep 06, 2011 @ 14:13:29

    How about a 5 yr old with a binkie and 3 year olds with bottles… It kills me and everytime I say something I get… “well the dr said its ok” really what dr would say that! When my girls are around that they tend to act like babies it drives me bonkers!I love the bumbo as well!!! I buy one for every baby or baby shower I go to! When someone gives you the stink eye smile at them. You NEVER know what they are thinking.


  2. Colline
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 15:13:55

    So true! And I never thought my babies would grow up. Now the teen years are approaching and I need to learn a new set of behaviours, etc.


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