Compassion Is Almost Extinct. It’s Time To Bring It Back.

I am an incredibly sensitive person.  My feelings get hurt very easily, I over-analyze everything said to me and take offense to the stink eye.  I used to wish I just didn’t care about every little thing.  I wanted to be one of those people who could ignore it, move on, shrug it off and get over it.  Then, I grew up.

Now that I am older and a Mom, I appreciate my sensitivity.  Knowing what gets to me, allows me to be aware of my surroundings.  It allows me to keep an open mind when it comes to others.  It allows me to show compassion.

I’ve noticed some of the people I am surrounded by in life have a tremendous lack of compassion.  They always assume the worse. 

“What a terrible waiter.  He is taking forever!”

Is he taking forever or did something go wrong in the kitchen?  Is it really his fault? 

“Well, I don’t understand what she sees in him.”

You can’t help who you fall in love with.  The wrong choice to you may be a soul mate for her.

“He never speaks and always looks angry.  I don’t like him.”

Maybe he is afraid to open up to people?   Maybe he is scared?

“I heard so many bad things about him.”

Everybody knows what a rumor is.  Are you just spreading them further?  Get to know him first.  YOU get to know him.

Maybe the car that cut you off didn’t see you.  Maybe they were distracted by a child.  Is a horn and a finger always necessary? 

Maybe that customer service person on the other end of the phone isn’t a robot meant to just serve you.  Maybe they have a life too.  Maybe they have something on their mind and are trying their best they can to help you?

 Maybe your son or daughter is frustrated with your lack of compassion. Maybe you expect them to reach out to you all the time instead of reaching out to them first?

Maybe your parents miss the little girl or boy you once were?  Maybe they would like to hear, “I love you” now and then.  Maybe then need to feel loved, just like you want  to be.

Being genuinely nice just isn’t common anymore.  It seems as though some people are nice just to get something they want.  Everybody is out for number one and they don’t care who they step on in the process.  Because of this, a lot of the world has become jaded.  Who can have compassion for another human being after being hurt so many times before? 

I can.

It’s hard, it’s so hard to forgive and forget.  It’s hard to think about why you are the one with the crooked back and the shattered finger.  It’s hard not to blame the world for your divorce.  It’s hard to forget about the house you could have kept.  It’s hard not to stay angry over birth parents that gave you up.   It’s hard to be that girl with the thyroid issue and the baby fat still on her hips.  It’s hard bottling up the pain. 

So why do it? 

After thinking about it, I realized, all of the things mentioned above were for the best.  I’m happier now.  I have love.  I have beautiful kids.  My experiences may help somebody else.  Rather than staying angry at the world, I can give back.  I can make somebody else’s anger go away.  I can share a smile, a laugh, or even a hug. 

I can be the person who knows the world does not owe them.

I can show compassion. 

That one ounce of compassion I showed at the drive thru by paying for the person behind me, may have shed light on a bad day.  The smile and the hello I gave to the homeless man who is seen around town, filthy and looking for cans, may have made his day a little better.  The looks of disgust he normally gets may have pushed him over the edge.

Just one person can make a difference.  One smile can wind up being a domino effect.  Make it happen.  Show some love. 




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