9/11/01 – The U.S. Was In Fact United

Everybody knows where they were on that day.  Everybody remembers the fear.  Everybody remembers the silence.

I remember seeing an American Flag on every home.  Cars, bicycles, trolleys all had one as well.  We smiled at our neighbors.  We let people out of traffic.  We held hands as a nation and challenged any terrorist.  They may have scared us, but we were all one.  We were United.

It didn’t matter what religion you were.  It didn’t matter what race you were.  Gay or Straight, Male or Female,  it didn’t matter.  Democrat, Republican,  or Independent preferences all went out the window.  If you were an American, you felt the terror.  You watched in disbelief.

America was United.  On 9/11 every year, America will be United. 

Always in our hearts.  Always on our mind.  Never forget.

To remember all of our heroes from that day, go to this site. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,62151,00.html




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