Can You Name 5 Things You Like About Yourself?

I am surrounded by some lovely ladies daily.  When looking though any photograph of them, they are critiquing themselves like a judge would do to a Miss America contestant.  From, “My face looks fat,”  to “My hair is terrible,” I lost track of all the insults they were saying about themselves.  When I asked if they could name 5 things they DID like about themselves, they could not do it.  They also have a hard time finding good things to say about other “average” people around them.  Constantly criticizing weight gain and appearance, they forget that this is real life and we are all human.  None of us are perfect, yet all of us have great qualities.  Why was that so hard to understand?

I was wondering if it had anything to do with the way Hollywood has taken over society?  I have always compared myself to other people, based on the fact that anything over a size 10 is considered “fat” in America.  In Hollywood, anything over a 2 is considered fat.  The average American woman is a size 14, but the ideal size an average American woman wants to be is an 8.  We have painted a picture of the way we want women to look, so now majority of women look at themselves with such disgust.  So much disgust, they cannot see the good. 

Something has got to give.

Beauty is so, so much more than appearance.  I know it’s hard to accept this because the world has become obsessed with being skinny and looking flawless, but it really is so much more.  Beauty can be a curvy, size 16 woman with a heart of gold and a contagious laugh.  It can be an average sized red-head, with green eyes and a personality that could befriend anybody.  It can be a veiled woman who keeps covered for her religion, mysterious with bright ideas unable to captivate the world just yet. 

Beauty can be anything you want it to be.  Of course the tall, skinny, glamorous types are beautiful.  But, beauty is only skin deep.  When you are older, the beauty portion of life will fade.  People are going to want to see your personality, see inside your soul.  Nobody will care about your weight, height, whether or not you were always up to par with fashion.  They are going to care about your heart and how much love you have for everybody else. 

If you can find those features now, that’s just another piece of beauty to add to your awesomeness.

So, I say again, can you name 5 things you like about yourself?  Nothing like, “I am a good mom or wife,” like I tend to say.  Dig down deep.  Find 5 things that you genuinely like about yourself.  Not all cosmetic, but inner beauty as well.  After you do that, go back and look through your photos.  Instead of picking apart that person in the picture and judging every flaw you can find, look at the good.

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn, you aren’t that bad after all. 😉




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 09:57:09

    Right on Stacy!


  2. S A Shaw
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 10:48:22

    Definitely something I will ponder today. Because I know I am as guilty as anyone else for tearing myself apart.


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