Raccoon Eyes And Broken High Heels – When Mommy Tries To Look Pretty.

If only I could wear baseball hats to work!

6am comes pretty fast in my home.  Especially after an interrupted nights sleep that goes a little something like:

“Mommy, can you tuck me in?”

“Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Mommy, my cup is almost empty.  If I drink it there will be none left.  May I please have some more?”

I work a 40 hour a week job.  I honestly do try to look nice for it in the mornings.  It is mighty difficult though.  One child needs to get ready for school.  While I am trying to get her to brush her teeth, my 3-year-old is feeding the cat.  That consists of the entire bag of cat food missing the cat’s bowl.  While all of these things are going on, my 2-year-old is waking up with pop tarts stuck into his hair.

This is a normal morning.

I try to hurry up and take a shower.  My Fiance leaves for work before any of us are awake, so it’s just me vs the 3.  I take a 5 minute (if that) semi-warm shower.  I can’t take a hot shower like I would like to because my 2-year-old tends to stick his head into the tub, trying to reach for the toilet paper roll he managed to throw in from across the room. 

After I finish that, I reach for my clothes that I picked out the night before.  I usually set them on the bathroom floor.  On occasion, one of my pant legs will end up in the toilet, thanks to my baby boys trying to “help” me do laundry.  They get the whole wash with water thing, but haven’t gotten the washing machine concept yet.

I then make sure my oldest is on task with her getting ready for school routine. 

“Did you brush your teeth?”

She smiles.  Pieces of breakfast stuck in her gums.

“Go and brush them again.  And use your new toothbrush.   Your brother just through yours in the kitty box.”

Now, it’s time for me to apply make up.  I try the smokey eye look.   I watched a few tutorials and love how it looks.  Liner and shadow applied.  Mirror check and…

I look like a rabid raccoon.

I reach for a wash cloth that has not been splashed with toilet water.  Wash it off and just do my same old routine. 

If my Fiance could see me now, smokey eyes or not, this is not a sexy look.

I reach for my favorite heels and what do you know?  My 3-year-old boy broke them while wearing them around the house.

Ok, all is ok. 

Flip flops it is.  Again.  Pretty much until it snows.

Head count for the kids.  Everyone is ready.  Wash the ink pen off my 2 year olds face.  One more teeth check for my oldest.  Other child has put the soaking wet cat down after trying to give him a bath.  Now, he needs a new outfit. 

I change his clothes.  Allset to go.  Then, sniff, sniff.  Ok, who needs a new diaper? 

Everyone changed.  Out the door.  And then I remember I didn’t do my hair.  Low ponytail or bun for the win.

Being a mommy, not always so glamorous.  But, I wouldn’t change this loco life for the world.

After all, this isn’t Miss America.  It’s just the life of a typical working Mommy in America.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Doodling Through Life
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 18:24:07

    sounds hectic, but worth it! Good job !:)


  2. When the Kids Go To Bed
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 20:52:21

    love it. sounds like my morning. I try my hardest to fit the shower in before anyone gets up.


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