I Still Believe In Santa – I’ll Probably Never Stop

My babies with Santa. My oldest loved it. My youngest wasn't so sure. My middle child wouldn't even be within 500 ft.

Some feel it’s a little early to be thinking about the holidays.  They think about the stores, the lines, trying to get it all done, and most of all, the stress the season can bring.  Myself on the other hand?  Oh, I start counting down the day after Christmas. 

I know what you are probably thinking by reading the title of this post:  How can a grown up still believe in Santa?   Christmas was always the best holiday in my house growing up.  My Mom still loves it.  The house was always decorated.  We made our rounds to 4 or 5 relatives homes.  It was the greatest day ever.  I want my kids to believe in the spirit and in order to do that, I still need to believe.

I think many of us get carried away in the hustle and bustle of the shopping and getting everything ready.   We get so lost in the stress, we forget about the magic.  Step back and look around.  Look at the beautiful lights that come that one time a year.  Look at the beauty of the snow fall.  It’s magical if you take the time to see it.  If you can, try to imagine what you felt as a child.  Wouldn’t you love to have the feeling again?  Why even lose it?  Why not feel that way forever?

I want my kids to feel my excitement.  I want it to rub off on them so they never lose the joy.  I never want them to feel like The Grinch.  I want them to be joyous, happy and excited. 

I believe in the magic of the holidays.  I believe in going to bed, excited for the next day to arrive.  I believe in being excited to see the people you love, carefully open the gifts you buy them.  I believe in baking cookies and leaving reindeer food out on Christmas Eve. I believe in the reason we have this holiday. 

And, I believe in Santa.

81 days left until the big day.  Better start believing! 🙂



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