ASSUME – 3 Words Within the Word


Assumption.  Oh, how I hate assumptions and judgement for that matter.   As much as I would like to say I can let things just roll off my back, like rain on a windshield, I can’t.  I let it stick to me like gum on the bottom of my shoe.

Why do people’s opinions of me matter so much?  Especially the opinions of people who really don’t impact my life?  I see other people just not care and do what it is they want to do, I just can’t do that.  I want to.  I have tried.  But, I have failed.

So and so thinks I am not the “domestic” type.  I can’t cook, clean, entertain, the whole nine yards.  These opinions have irritated me the last few hours of work.  So and so has never been to my home.  They have never been to a cookout, birthday party, anything of mine.  They have not seen me much outside of our work environment.  How can they “know” so much that they have never even seen?

Guess what?  They can’t.

They can assume they know what I do, but they don’t.   They can assume to know the relationship my fiance and I have, but they don’t.  They can assume to know my personal thoughts, but they don’t know those either.  They need to stop believing their assumptions.  They need to start finding facts to back them up.  Just because you think it and believe it, doesn’t make it real.

We all know what it means to assume.  Like the title of this post, there are 3 words inside of this one word.  

Don’t be that first word.  




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