No Cookies For Breakfast? Worst Mommy EVER!

You would have thought somebody just lost a puppy.  Or even a limb for that matter. 

“Mommy, why can’t I have a cookie for breakfast?  WHY?”

“It’s 7:30 in the morning.  You are going to have a good breakfast before you go to school!”


“No, but.  No cookies!”


Stomp, stomp, stomp.

The pouting had begun.

My daughter is normally not like this.  She does have a tendency to test myself and my Fiance after she gets back from her Dad’s.  I am sure she does the same at his house.  This was just one of those mornings.

Explaining to a 7-year old that cookies for breakfast may result in belly aches at school, doesn’t make much sense to her.  In her eyes, “I had cookies after supper last night and I didn’t get a bellyache!”

I can’t help, but feel bad.  I don’t like to see my children upset, ever.  Does that mean I will cave in and feed them cookies before school?  Of course not.  I still do not like seeing my kiddos upset in any way, shape or form.

With 20 minutes left to get to school, I think of how to change the subject.  She will be staying at her Dad’s tonight.  The last thing I want is to be terrible for not feeding her cookies all night and all tomorrow until I see her after school

How can we fix this?

“Ok sweet pea, stop the pouting.”

“I’m not pouting.”

Arms folded.

Yes you are.  Sneakers, teeth.  Then lets hit the road.”


I finished getting myself ready for work, as well as my 2-year-old.  We then ventured off to school.  Still, a little pouty looking, I turned up the radio.  One of her favorite songs was on.

A little smile appeared.

“Ok pumpkin.  Who’s going to have a great day today?”

“It’s already not very good.”

“Forget about the cookie.  Who is going to have a great day?”

“I will.” 


“I WILL!” 

She was now starting to smile.

“Who does mommy love to pieces?”

“Me and the boys.”

“That’s right.  To the moon, stars, sun and back again!”

“That’s a lot of love momma.”

“Sure is!  Now here is your backpack.  You have a special dessert with lunch today.”

“Is it a cookie?”

“Sure is.”

“You’re the best momma!  I Love you!”

Trying morning, but I was very happy to be back to the cool mom list.   And I didn’t even have to feed her cookies for breakfast to be on it.

Imagine that. 😉




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