Terrible Teens – Who’s To Blame?

Thankfully, my little Trick-or-Treaters didn't understand the terrible words they heard last night.

Last night was Halloween.  After a nice night of Trick-or-Treating with my Fiance and our 3 children, we thought it would be fun to have Happy Meals at our local McDonald’s.  We chose a seat, got ready to enjoy our meal and then it started.   Some of the worse language I have ever heard.   Seated behind us, were about 15+ teenagers.   I couldn’t believe my ears.  I was angry, mortified and frustrated.

The “F” words and the word “whore” were the vocabulary favorites for this group.  There were a few teen girls that came in, all dolled up in shorts showing most of their backside.  Why would you let your children wear things like this?  Anyway, some of the boys were calling them whores and harassing them.   They started crowding around our table.  After hurrying the kids, it was time to leave.

This was unbelievable.

Why do kids feel it is ok to talk like this in public?  Doesn’t anybody teach them right from wrong?  My kids weren’t the only ones in the restaurant either.  All of them were stuck listening to this cussing and disrespect.  My 7, 3, and 2-year-old should not hear the word “whore.”  Where are the parents?  Do they even care what their children are like in public?  Shouldn’t they learn at a young age what respect is?

When I was growing up, my mother drilled it into my head that she has eyes everywhere.  She knew a lot of people and if I ever got out of line then she would find out and I would be in a crazy mess of trouble.  I just wonder if parents still have control of their children?  Or do the children control them?

I hope and pray my children grow up learning to be respectful.  Not only of others, but I hope they have some respect for themselves.  I pray they know at a young age, you don’t have to bare a ton of skin to be noticed.  I hope and pray that my boys don’t cuss and harass girls of their own age.

I hope and pray those kids in McDonald’s last night learn about respect very, very soon.  

I can now understand why every older person I encountered as a teenager didn’t like any of us.  If kids like that set the example for all teens nationwide, I don’t like them very much either.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. When the Kids Go To Bed
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 11:31:48

    I couldn’t agree more!! It’s sad really that there are so many out there that haven’t been raised with good values. Respect for others and respect for themselves. They feel its okay to act this way…They’ll learn down the road that you won’t get far in life that way.


  2. Rayme Wells @ A Clean Surface
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 23:24:47

    This is frustrating. I have seen it at sporting events, community parks, movie theaters, restaurants…all with kids nearby.


  3. Tracy
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 14:10:56

    I totally agree w/ you. My daughter is 12. She comes home from school with the most horrible stories about what she’s heard & seen on the bus. These are 7, 8, & 9th graders. The language, behaviour, inappropriate jokes, throwing stuff out of the windows at a homeless man. I have asked her if any parents teach their kids to be young ladies & gentlemen anymore. I have had to have conversations w/ her that I never thought I’d have to talk about w/ her. I’m so glad she is a good girl. I pray she continues to be. All you can do is raise your child, teach them right from wrong & pray….a lot.


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