Why Does Mommy Keep Putting Boys In Her Belly?!

Our boy. Big sister set up this photo shoot.

My beautiful little princess was my only baby for her first almost 4 years of life. When she found out that she was going to be a big sister, she dreamed of having a little sister. She wanted to dress her in pink, have tea parties, and just do all the girly things that little 4-year-olds dream of.

After my ultrasound, I discovered we were not going to have a little girl. I was so excited. I love baseball, NASCAR, wrestling (don’t judge) and football! My fiance was thrilled also. But, my little princess was kind of bummed. Once she met her new brother though, she was so happy! This was good.

A year later we were going to have another baby. This time, she WOULD have a baby sister! She told me she would. She was determined.

She wrote a letter to Santa, she even said a few prayers. The day finally came for our ultrasound! We all piled into the room, we were all pretty anxious. Especially big sister to be.

“What do you want honey? A brother or a sister?” The nurse asked.

“A sister for sure!” My little one was overly excited.

“Ok, lets see what we can do!” The nurse winked at me.

“Is it a girl!?!” She was almost falling out of her seat.

“It’s a boy!” The nurse was trying to sell it to her.



I had to think quick.

“So you don’t have to share a room sweetie!”

“I don’t?”

“No! The boys will have to share a room because we only have a 3 bedroom. You get to keep your room to yourself!”

“Wow, ok Mommy!”

This was good. I think we did it. We avoided having to answer the “why do you put boys only in your belly” question. For now anyway!

My Fiance has a little girl too, almost the same age as mine.  She also has 3 little brothers!  Sadly, she lives far away from us.  Needless to say, when she does visit, the girls have a blast together!

Meanwhile, when it’s just the boys and my daughter, she has gotten used to not sharing her Barbies and especially not sharing her room. I have caught her dressing her brothers in pink dresses and wigs on occasion.  I remind her that they are boys!  All of these pictures that I have to take of them in the dresses, will come back to haunt them.  Especially when I put them in their high school yearbooks. She thinks it’s great!

Her Daddy met somebody a few years ago, so we were holding out hope that maybe someday, they would be able to give her a baby sister. We just found out that they are expecting soon!

And guess what? It’s a boy!




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  1. When the Kids Go To Bed
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 13:50:07

    I have three little boys. I guess I’m just a boy-maker. Anywho, my 4 year old asked me the other day if Daddy came from my belly too?


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