Aside from my Fiance and my children, I am surrounded by some extremely strong personality types.  From relatives and friends, whom I see quite often, to co-workers and an ex, I am pretty meek comparatively.  I went from being the shy girl, to finally speaking up.  But, there comes a time where you have to just let some things roll.  This I have learned, but sometimes we all don’t get the same life lessons.  So, here is what I do to cope.

I go to Serenityville. 

It’s the little place I find in my mind where I kind of wipe all of the negativity out.  Whether I need to picture the beautiful landscaping at my favorite parks, to picking up a good book and just losing myself in it, I find Serenityville in my mind. 

When I say those around me have strong personalities, sometimes it goes a little bit further than that.  Sometimes, I don’t just don’t agree.  When I don’t contort to their views, they drill and drill and drill their opinions into my head, hoping I will budge.  Maybe in the past I used to, just to appease them.  But, I think that once you become a Mom, it is so important to hold on to YOUR beliefs.  Not theirs.  Do I need to be rude?  Not at all.  Instead, I tell them I understand what they are saying.  When they don’t stop the texting, the calling, the e-mailing, the repetitiveness or the talking, I find my place in Serenityville and hope they move on to the next person.

Why argue?  No need to fight.  Let it go and find your zone.  They can talk and talk all they want.  You don’t have to fight back to show that you aren’t backing down.  What’s the point?  Let them stress themselves out over nothing.  They can worry about the stress it puts on them.  Don’t let them put it on you too.  

Sometimes your best defense in a fight, is the ability to walk away.

Take a deep breath.  Find some serenity.  Ask yourself if it will matter a year from now.  If it will, then stand up for yourself.  If it’s just the strong-willed people around you doing what it is they do best, just think of that peaceful place and smile. 

The weakest are often those that use their voice and power to try to be heard.  The strong are those who can turn the other cheek.









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  1. littlebrownbaby
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 16:00:10

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! The details of the award are on my page.


  2. Tracy
    May 25, 2012 @ 15:12:11

    I swear, you know one of my inlaws. This person is very strong minded, opinionated & just impossible to deal w/ sometimes. She covers it all up w/ a sweet smile & nices everyone to death. Drives me nuts. She & I disagree on a lot of things. She likes to have a lot of ‘things’. Gifts my child w/ things that I can’t begin to afford. Am I jeolous? No….Do I feel bad that I can’t afford to give her certain things?…yes. Is my child missing anything or hurting from not having ‘things’?…certainly not. But this person & myself have had a few ‘argruments’ because I’ve said no to some things. I don’t know why its even an issue w/ her. I’m the parent, enough said, But, no- I hear, i don’t understand what your problem is, I would never discipline my child that way(did not let her go on a trip cause she misbehaved), you are crazy,..and it goes on & on. Everyone that knows her well knows she is bossy, wants to be in charge of everyone & everything. Everyone just does what she wants because they are intimidated by her. I finally started saying ‘no’. Its caused some problems but it is what it is.


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