No Price For Pride

I am going to say a few things that I am trying desperately to teach my children about the meaning of pride.  We have people that are close in our lives that seem to have the world handed to them on a silver platter.  It’s so easy to become jealous and envious of them, but there is a huge reason not to yearn for their free money or hand me downs.


Without naming names, I can tell you that I know somebody who has the world handed to them.  Brand new vehicles, barely used from their parents.  A beautiful home, bought and given to them.  Money handed out left and right.  Even a trust fund to look forward to in the future.  The world is put into this person’s hands. 

However, by being given the moon for as long as they can remember, they lack appreciation and pride.  They have become so used to the hand outs, their hands are always out.  More, more, more, but more is never enough.  They are never satisfied with the new car.  A few months after the newness wears off, it’s time for something more.  They are no longer satisfied with their beautiful home, it’s time for a bigger one.  Why try to fix it up or make things work when all you have to do is wait for a new one to be handed out?

My children are going to learn to be the opposite of this personality type.  My Fiance and I work so hard for what we have.  We may not have the most beautiful of homes, but we worked for it and pay for it ourselves each month.  We may not have brand new cars, but we worked for the ones we do have.  We may not be rolling in the gold coins, but the little we do get is so very important to us.

Although, some days life would feel so much easier if I had the same hand outs that this person does.  No financial worries, no issues, just an easy, breezy life where I can spend an unlimited amount.  Who doesn’t dream about that?

  But, when I really get thinking about it, I would so much rather say to myself, “Hey, we did this on OUR OWN!  No help needed.  We did it.”

Pride.  You cannot buy it, but it is worth more than anything money can buy.




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  1. Writers Wanted
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 00:30:43

    Excellent post today. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  2. Cultural Life
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 17:22:02

    I completely agree. Life can be tough and there are times when I wish things were easier. But nothing beats the satisfaction of achieving something you want or fulfilling a dream and knowing that you REALLY earned it.


  3. Tracy
    May 25, 2012 @ 14:55:15

    I have someone close to me like that as well. They do work, but their ‘things’ always have to be bigger & better. Always eat out. Their child has anything & everything they could ever want. But said child has no manners. No discipline. I’m waiting for the show when he’s a teen & gets into trouble, or rebels because the parents finally decide to discipline him. My daughter looks longingly from afar wishing she had as many ‘things’ as they do. I try desperately to teach her that ‘things’ are not what is important. People, how you treat each other, respect, thats what is important. I hope she believes it. I pray she believes it. Some days I think she does. Then there comes the day when she thinks she deserves an expensive gift because she passed to 8th grade, then I feel like I’ve failed. So the lesson begins again. Its hard, she sees the expensive vacations, gifts, new cars litterally every year, sometimes every 6 months…its so very materialistic. I don’t want her thinking life is like that. Life is hard, sometimes its not pretty. I want her to get an education, be able to support herself without any help from anyone. I want her to know how to make it on her own. I want her to know that eventhough we are not rich we have things we need & sometimes things we want. I want her to know ‘things’ don’t make the person. These people put on a front that all is perfect & well in their environment, but I know where the cracks are. I know the family history. Its all fake. Thats whats sad.


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