I’m Not Overweight, I’m Undertall.

Senior picture. Ahh, remember when...

Dieting.  Gag, blah, ugh, grr, argh.  That basically describes how I feel about it.  It is the most  difficult thing I do to myself.   Some people are blessed with the ability to not even have to worry about it.  I on the other hand am not.  I embrace my curves, but when I start finding curves in all the wrong places, it’s time straighten them back out.

I used to be so tiny.  That was before my first kiddo.   I did the whole “I can eat everything, I’m pregnant!”  Yeah, I lied to myself.  I doubled my size.  I worked out and somebody (no names) bought me NutriSystem for my birthday.  I did ok on it, but never got down to my size 4-5 again. 

After I had my son, I was stressed out due to a long divorce.  I was really sick with him also.  The hospital gave me penicillin (I’m allergic) and I lost way too much blood for my own good.  I dropped a ton of weight.  So, technically I lost all my babyweight, but it really wasn’t the healthy way.  I didn’t like the way I looked at all.  I was pale, too thin, just not right.  I had to get myself at a healthy weight again, but we (mostly I) decided I wanted another baby. 

My third baby came along and so did the birth of my love handles.  I looked fine while pregnant, but after giving birth I gained my baby weight (I know, that doesn’t make sense, but it totally happened.)  Now, I struggle. 

If I would have been born another 3 or 4 inches taller, I would be the perfect weight.  I’d be a hot momma.  But, I am vertically challenged.  Like my Dad told me, “I’m not overweight, I’m undertall!”  Totally true.

Vanity isn’t the most important thing to me.  Of course I want to look nice, but I also don’t want to be stickly.  I want to be healthy for my children, my Fiance and myself.  We forget about all of that greasy food clogging our veins.  It starts building up early in life.  I can’t stand the dirty dishes in my sink having food stuck to them.  The last thing I want is for something disgusting to clog my arteries.  So, I am determined to get in shape.  It may take me a few  months.  It’ll likely take me a year, but I will do this. 

I can do this. 

I do just have to ask myself why I am choosing to do this before Thanksgiving.  Terrible timing.  But, better now than when I am in the dressing room, under fluorescent lighting, trying on bathing suits next summer.  There’s some more motivation to get it done now. 😉




Why Does Mommy Keep Putting Boys In Her Belly?!

Our boy. Big sister set up this photo shoot.

My beautiful little princess was my only baby for her first almost 4 years of life. When she found out that she was going to be a big sister, she dreamed of having a little sister. She wanted to dress her in pink, have tea parties, and just do all the girly things that little 4-year-olds dream of.

After my ultrasound, I discovered we were not going to have a little girl. I was so excited. I love baseball, NASCAR, wrestling (don’t judge) and football! My fiance was thrilled also. But, my little princess was kind of bummed. Once she met her new brother though, she was so happy! This was good.

A year later we were going to have another baby. This time, she WOULD have a baby sister! She told me she would. She was determined.

She wrote a letter to Santa, she even said a few prayers. The day finally came for our ultrasound! We all piled into the room, we were all pretty anxious. Especially big sister to be.

“What do you want honey? A brother or a sister?” The nurse asked.

“A sister for sure!” My little one was overly excited.

“Ok, lets see what we can do!” The nurse winked at me.

“Is it a girl!?!” She was almost falling out of her seat.

“It’s a boy!” The nurse was trying to sell it to her.



I had to think quick.

“So you don’t have to share a room sweetie!”

“I don’t?”

“No! The boys will have to share a room because we only have a 3 bedroom. You get to keep your room to yourself!”

“Wow, ok Mommy!”

This was good. I think we did it. We avoided having to answer the “why do you put boys only in your belly” question. For now anyway!

My Fiance has a little girl too, almost the same age as mine.  She also has 3 little brothers!  Sadly, she lives far away from us.  Needless to say, when she does visit, the girls have a blast together!

Meanwhile, when it’s just the boys and my daughter, she has gotten used to not sharing her Barbies and especially not sharing her room. I have caught her dressing her brothers in pink dresses and wigs on occasion.  I remind her that they are boys!  All of these pictures that I have to take of them in the dresses, will come back to haunt them.  Especially when I put them in their high school yearbooks. She thinks it’s great!

Her Daddy met somebody a few years ago, so we were holding out hope that maybe someday, they would be able to give her a baby sister. We just found out that they are expecting soon!

And guess what? It’s a boy!



Kiddos Say The Silliest Things. :)

“How do you make a tissue dance?  Put a little boogie in it!”  7-year-old comedian.

“Look, a bubble sweater.  Look, a bubble hat.  Look, a bubble butt!”  Said while 3-year-old was in the tub.

Momma, I love your hair.  It’s so beautiful!  Can I have some candy now?”  3-year-old.

“Please stop poking your brother’s belly button!”  Said to 2-year-old who wouldn’t leave 3-year-old alone.

“Where did you get so smart!”  7-year-old to 3-year-old.

“At the baby store!”  3-year-olds answer.

“Momma, how do you change a baby rapper?  Put a little rhyma into the diapa!”  7-year old comedian again.

Chillax sissy!”  3-year-old to 7-year-old.

There’s only such thing as boyfriends, girlfriends and friends.”  7-year-old.

“And babyfriends!”  3-year-old.

Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Aha Aha who?  Yucky apple!”  2-year-old who doesn’t quite have the knock, knock joke down yet.

Mater,  you are not my friend anymore!”  3-year-old to his toy.

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.  Do you know who Jesus is?”  To my 3-year-old.

“Yes.  He is a mister who loves cake!”  3-year-old’s answer.

Why daylight savings?  It’s like punishment for adults.”  Fiance.



Mommy, Are You Hiding Candy From Me!?

Halloween candy.  The kiddos work so hard to get their buckets full of all kinds of candy.  So, when what I am about to tell you happened, I felt incredibly guilty.

But, it was so worth it.

It was about 10pm, hubby-to-be and I were rummaging through all the candy buckets.  We were actually trying to remove all peanut butter, peanut, soy, tree nut infested candies.  We didn’t want our 2-year-old, who is allergic to EVERYTHING, to accidentally get ahold of one of those.  Rather than tossing them away, we decided not to waste any. 😉  He tossed me a package of peanut M&Ms.  It was late, so it was safe to indulge.  Or at least I thought it was.

I tore open the package.  All of a sudden, he appeared.


It was like he was a ghost in a movie.  He seriously just appeared out of nowhere!  He was JUST sleeping!

“Momma, do you have our candy?!”

All of a sudden, I was a child again.  I hid the candy under my blanket and quickly answered him.

“No!  I don’t have any candy!  You need to get back to bed!”

“Momma, I know I just heard candy.  I know I did.  Can I have the candy now?”

“Back to bed.  Candy after supper tomorrow night.”

“But, you and Daddy are having candy!”

“Back to bed!”

He went back to bed.  I went back to my candy.  I continued hiding it under the blanket, just in case another child came out to catch me in the act.  I had to eat it quickly and I had to be sneaky. 

The next morning on the way to school, I had thought my 3-year-old would have forgotten about this incident.  Sadly, he did not. 

“Momma, it is not nice to eat our trick-or-treat candy!  Momma, it’s just not nice!”

“I’m sorry Aiden.”

“Really Momma?  Really?!  You ate our candy!” 

Yup, for once my 7-year-old was paying attention to the conversation.  Although, I should have known her ears would be in tune when candy was involved. 

Next year, all the peanut candy gets taken to work with us.  At least then, we won’t have to hide to eat it. 😉



No Kids For The Night! Um, Now What?

It doesn’t happen often, but once in a great while my parents will keep ALL 3 of our kiddos for a night.  Usually we go away for the weekend, but this year it was different.  It all happened last-minute.  When everything was sorted out, we had a Saturday afternoon and night to ourselves.

We had no idea what to do.

It’s so easy with the kids home.  We can go home, play games, go to Chuck E Cheese, go apple picking, color, etc.  But, time for just us?  No diapers for a night?  We were actually lost. 

So, after about 20 minutes of, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”  We ventured off to the city for dinner.   We went to a buffet and it was a beautiful thing.  We ate our food and it stayed hot.  We held hands, sat a table for 2 and took our time.

We missed the kids.  It was too peaceful!

We were right next to the mall, so hand in hand, we went mall walking.  We went into 2 stores.  That’s it!  Nothing interested us!  We walked out with nothing, but full bellies.  That only killed 30 minutes. 

Now what?

We went into a few more stores, ranted about rude people who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them and then headed back to town.  It was 6pm and we were contemplating going home and getting into our jammies, or even going to pick the kids up.

We decided to reach out to a few friends that we hadn’t seen in a while.  They were home!  Yippee!  Adult interaction! 

We were so excited!

Between the 4 of us, we couldnt’ think of anything to do.  So, we went to the grocery store, grabbed some pizza and headed back to their place for a few hours.  Just sitting there and gabbing with grown ups was so refreshing! 

Still though, we missed the kids!  The next morning, we were both so excited to have them back.  It’s amazing how much your life changes when you have children.  Nights out on the town mean something completely different now.  Life has meaning.  It’s a beautiful thing. 

Once in a while, my Fiance and I need a night for just us.  But, for the most part, I will take Candyland over Poker any day now.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. 



Raccoon Eyes And Broken High Heels – When Mommy Tries To Look Pretty.

If only I could wear baseball hats to work!

6am comes pretty fast in my home.  Especially after an interrupted nights sleep that goes a little something like:

“Mommy, can you tuck me in?”

“Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Mommy, my cup is almost empty.  If I drink it there will be none left.  May I please have some more?”

I work a 40 hour a week job.  I honestly do try to look nice for it in the mornings.  It is mighty difficult though.  One child needs to get ready for school.  While I am trying to get her to brush her teeth, my 3-year-old is feeding the cat.  That consists of the entire bag of cat food missing the cat’s bowl.  While all of these things are going on, my 2-year-old is waking up with pop tarts stuck into his hair.

This is a normal morning.

I try to hurry up and take a shower.  My Fiance leaves for work before any of us are awake, so it’s just me vs the 3.  I take a 5 minute (if that) semi-warm shower.  I can’t take a hot shower like I would like to because my 2-year-old tends to stick his head into the tub, trying to reach for the toilet paper roll he managed to throw in from across the room. 

After I finish that, I reach for my clothes that I picked out the night before.  I usually set them on the bathroom floor.  On occasion, one of my pant legs will end up in the toilet, thanks to my baby boys trying to “help” me do laundry.  They get the whole wash with water thing, but haven’t gotten the washing machine concept yet.

I then make sure my oldest is on task with her getting ready for school routine. 

“Did you brush your teeth?”

She smiles.  Pieces of breakfast stuck in her gums.

“Go and brush them again.  And use your new toothbrush.   Your brother just through yours in the kitty box.”

Now, it’s time for me to apply make up.  I try the smokey eye look.   I watched a few tutorials and love how it looks.  Liner and shadow applied.  Mirror check and…

I look like a rabid raccoon.

I reach for a wash cloth that has not been splashed with toilet water.  Wash it off and just do my same old routine. 

If my Fiance could see me now, smokey eyes or not, this is not a sexy look.

I reach for my favorite heels and what do you know?  My 3-year-old boy broke them while wearing them around the house.

Ok, all is ok. 

Flip flops it is.  Again.  Pretty much until it snows.

Head count for the kids.  Everyone is ready.  Wash the ink pen off my 2 year olds face.  One more teeth check for my oldest.  Other child has put the soaking wet cat down after trying to give him a bath.  Now, he needs a new outfit. 

I change his clothes.  Allset to go.  Then, sniff, sniff.  Ok, who needs a new diaper? 

Everyone changed.  Out the door.  And then I remember I didn’t do my hair.  Low ponytail or bun for the win.

Being a mommy, not always so glamorous.  But, I wouldn’t change this loco life for the world.

After all, this isn’t Miss America.  It’s just the life of a typical working Mommy in America.



Mr & Mrs Know-It-All

You may know Mr & Mrs Know-It-All, in fact, I am sure you do.  They are related to Mr & Mrs Do-No-Wrong and distant cousins of Mr & Mrs Always-Right. 

Mr & Mrs Know-It-All know things before you tell them.  They know things before the news gets the scoop.  They even found out their info before the President had it on his desk! 

They know your income, your shoe size, your thoughts.  They know the weather for next month.  They even know the date of birth of your unborn child, that you haven’t even thought of trying for yet!  They just knew you were going to be trying soon and he had to be born on the day that they thought of!

If you tell them about a concert, they already knew.  If you tell them about a party, they already knew.  If you tell them about your new promotion, they already had a feeling about it and knew it was going to happen before you did!

Mr & Mrs Know-It-All are just that good.  They just really do know everything.  There is never any reason to fight with them, you won’t get anywhere.  If you try to let them know they are in fact a “know it all,” they will just deny it.   They probably knew you were going to fight with them about it anyway. 

That’s what Mrs. Told-You-So said anyway.




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