The Cheese


Life can be a struggle.  Life can also be a beautiful thing.  I’m going to tell you a story about how a stranger helped turn my struggle into a beautiful thing.  Now, the title of this post may sound a little odd.  It’s strange to see a story about individually wrapped cheese playing a life changing role in someone’s life.  However, it did in mine.  I’ll never look at those little wrapped slices of cheesy goodness the same way.  And it’s not a culinary discovery thing.  It’s a life altering event kind of thing.  Let me explain.

Not everyone in the world has lived their life the way they should.  We all grow up with a mental picture of what we are supposed to do.  We are supposed to graduate high school, graduate college, meet the love of our life, get married, buy a house and have babies.  Well, sometimes this doesn’t happen for all of us.  Sometimes we think that the choice we are making is the right one.  Nobody ever gets married intending to get a divorce.  Sometimes, even though you want to live happily ever after with the person you first marry, it doesn’t happen.  We don’t want this to happen, but for reasons unknown to the rest of the world, it does.  Maybe you try to make it work.  Maybe you fight and fight and fight for it to work, but it doesn’t.  This is ok.  Even when the rest of the world judges you because you aren’t following the Bible the way you should, you are ok.  From all the things I have read and heard, if you believe in God, He will still love you.  Ignore every single person that judges you.  If they post pictures on Facebook about how much better they are because they are not divorced, ignore them.  Nobody knows the roads that you have traveled.  Even if they are ignorant enough to think they do, they don’t.  Only you know in your heart and you need to convince yourself that your mistakes are ok.  Until you do that, you will always feel guilty because society paints a picture of what happily ever after is.  Create your own. 

Now, that being out of the way, I chose a path that was bumpy.  It was bumpy with logs in the way, sticks, boulders, tasmanian devils, tornadoes, you name it, it was on that darn path.  I learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot.  I feel like I know more at 31 than some people that I know do at 65.  I don’t boast about it, I just feel a lot more content with the little things in life.  That rough part of my life was not only mentally rough, but financially rough as well.  Making about $300 a week, I had to support a new baby, a 4 year old, pay $950 at the time for rent and still do the day to day things.  I had way too much pride to apply for food stamps.  Would I have qualified, absolutely.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Did I think that light was still 4 years away, nope not at all.  I really hoped it would be a lot sooner, but it wasn’t and that’s ok.

The only thing that I asked for help with was milk, formula and cheese.  There is a program out there called WIC and they give those that struggle checks to buy these things.  Oh my Lord, it pained me to do this.  I cringe even thinking about it now.  Having to step into that office asking for help still makes me tear up.  I used those checks 3 times.  3 times and that was it.  I could have used them another 3-4 years, but I refused.  I could manage even if I went without.  As long as my children were fed and happy, I was happy.  Sometimes my pride is my enemy, but it’s who I am and I would not change that characteristic ever.

After going to a well known department store, I used my checks the first time.  The large blue envelope that carried the checks was humiliating for me.  The cashier called me “a welfare person.”  This wasn’t welfare, but I just teared up and took my baby formula and milk out of the store as fast as I could.  I left there letting her think what she wanted because some people who have these mentalities really are ignorant.  If they only knew that everything was taken from me and I was working as hard as I could, they would understand.  However, some people don’t deserve to hear your story.  I just pray they never find themselves to be in that same situation.  It’s heartbreaking. 

The next week or two when I had the courage (kind of) to go back and try again, I did.  However, I dragged my mom and dad along with me for support and went to a different store.  This was a little market in town next to a church I grew up going to.  I did feel a little bit better in this one.  I grabbed my baby formula, my milk, my cheese and some cereal.  Hiding the gigantic blue envelope, I pulled it out cautiously, trying to make sure nobody could see me.  I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible.  It was after work, around 5pm and the foot traffic in the store was starting to pick up.  The nice cashier didn’t call me a welfare person.  However, there was a problem and of course, I had about 3 or 4 others in line behind me now.

“Mam, there’s no cheese on this check this week.”  I looked at the check and it wasn’t on there.  I had nothing.  My $20 was just put in my gas tank and my bank account was just drained to go to $1,000 rent.  “Oh.” I say quietly.  My face was as red as a Maine lobster fresh out of the cooking pot.  “I can’t get it this time.  I’m sorry.”  She gave me the most sympathetic look.  My parents couldn’t hear what was going on and I would be dammed if I asked them for a nickel.  They already had helped me so much, even $3 cheese was out of the question.  I gave her the checks and didn’t dare look around.  When people stare at you, it’s like you can feel them burning holes in the back of your head.  Or this could have just been my paranoia.

I went out to the parking lot, speed walking to my parent’s van as fast as I could.  I was so embarrassed.  I just wanted to hug my mom.  All of a sudden I hear, “Mam!”  I just continued getting in the van.  “Mam, mam!”  I turned around.  “Mam, I bought your cheese for you!  I hope you have a good day!”  The stranger handed me the cheese.  I just looked at him.   I thanked him over and over.  That kind stranger purchased the cheese after I left the store and ran it out to me in the parking lot.  After he walked away without saying another word, I just looked at my mom.  I got into the van and I cried.  But, for the first time in a really long time, it was a good cry.  He didn’t judge me.  He wasn’t looking at me like I had chosen the wrong path in life.  He wasn’t there to give me a lecture, he just wanted to help me.  I will be forever grateful.

I don’t even know if that kind stranger still remembers that.  I know I do.  I know I’ll never forget.  Every time I pass that little market, I think of that time.  Because of him, I try at least once a month to pay for the person behind me at the drive-thru.  I try to do little things for people when I can.  Other people may see it as a waste of money, but I see it as a genuine act of kindness.  Why not?  Save your money, yes.  Be responsible, yes.  But, splurge a little too.  Having nothing is not fun.  If you have even a little extra, enjoy it.  You can’t take it to the grave with you.  You can save for big fancy things, but don’t forget to live life too. 

And maybe, if you see someone struggling at the store, buy them their cheese. ūüėČ

“Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.”  – Unknown





Writer’s Cramp!


It has been a REALLY long time since my last post.  It’s also been a REALLY long time since any of my journals have been scribbled in.  Since my last post, I started a new job.  My almost 2-year-old job.  Yes, it’s been a while.

I had been posting frequently about dealing with negative people, staying positive, finding time with my kiddos, etc.  I always find it easier to write when dealing with negative emotions.  My new job has made me so incredibly happy.  Words cannot even describe how wonderful it has been.  My family is wonderful and I am enjoying each and every day.  I have tried and tried to write something meaningful, my mind has just been blank.  Hence the writer’s cramp.

My husband (yes, husband!  We finally tied the note in fall of 2012) has recently started a blog about his other love (aside from the kids and I), cigars.  That being a completely different subject matter for me, as I have never smoked a thing in my life, has still inspired me to put the pen to paper again (Or the fingers to keyboard)? 

I almost had a chance to have a book published.  One of my posts about divorce was sent to Harlequin Publishing.  All I need to do is finish it all and put it into a book format.  Just a layout will do.  But, I can’t.  I just cannot visit the negativity of it all.  It’s so far behind me, book deal or not, I’m not ready to go there.  Maybe I will be someday, but for now it can remain stored in the memory of that very sad and emotional time period.  I’m happy.  Genuinely happy and if even for a few hours a day, I don’t want to feel the hurt.  Does that even make sense?

All of this being said, I do want to start writing on here again.  I thoroughly enjoy journaling online, reading what others post and communicating with all of you.  I’ve realized recently (thanks to my hubby‚ô•) that I can write about all that I enjoy too.  Maybe what’s on my mind won’t be book worthy, but it will be me worthy (as corny as that sounds).  I’m back to doing something I love, I love to write.  I love helping people and expressing my thoughts through my pen.    

As I am typing this little writer’s cramp post, I’m thinking about so many things I want to say.  I’m on a new, healthy road to becoming a better version of myself.  I want to write about the recipes I have tried and the weight loss I have recently experienced.  I want to write about  feeling like being back to pre-pregnancy weight is reachable for all of us moms.  Because it is. 

I want to write about not giving up on your dreams.  If you feel like you are at a dead-end job, you’re not!  I was at my last job for 8 1/2 years and found the job of my dreams after all that time!  It’s possible, attainable and you can do it.

I want to write about loss.  Though it is incredibly hard to lose the ones we love or have loved, we can learn something from it.  We can find faith to keep moving forward.  We can find strength to keep their memory alive.  Not only through our own words, but by passing their name and stories onto anyone who will listen.

I want to write about family.  How incredibly important our families are.  Our children see everything we do.  If they see us give up on our dreams, writer’s cramp or not, what will they learn?  Go back to school at 40, go for that big promotion that you don’t feel like you can get, get in shape, do whatever you need to do.  Our children are watching us and all we need to do is take the right step in teaching them about life.  We don’t have to be a doctor, lawyer, politician or genius.  We just need to be a loving parent.  That’s all.

So much more is stirring around this brain right now, but I will save it.  My long spell of writer’s block is over.  And I am so incredibly happy the words are flowing again.  ‚ô•

“The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.”  ~Mark Twain


Stacy ‚ô•




Defeating the Bullies

bully n. , pl. , -lies . A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

I’ve been staring at the computer screen off and on for about an hour. I’m trying to find the words to describe what it feels like to be bullied, but I am having a hard time. You may laugh when I speak about being bullied since I am almost 30 years old. It happens though. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. People that are all shapes, sizes and ages are bullied every day. It’s a fact of life, but something can be done to stop it.

If you are the bully, enough is enough! By throwing out hurtful words, you are killing somebody on the inside. I don’t know if it makes you feel powerful or smart? Maybe you feel better than everybody else and feel even better when you use your words as a weapon. Whatever the reason is, you need to stop. If you feel superior to anybody around you, that’s your first clue that you are not. Everybody has a flaw, but everybody has a strength too. If you take the time to prey on another person’s weakness, you are the one who is in fact the weak link in the puzzle.

I hear bullies every day. They talk and talk and talk about how terribly a friend or family member is living their life. They talk about how “stupid” these people are. They talk about how great they do things in their own life and nobody else around has a clue. All that stress and negative energy is actually tearing them apart. Of course, if you are the one being bullied, you are being torn apart too. But, turn that around into something good. They are giving you a gift.

Confused? Let me explain.

So, you are being bullied. Whether they are picking on your weight, your height, the way you do your job, whether or not you cook, pushing you around or whatever the reason, you can turn that energy into something great. They are making you so incredibly strong. You are handling more than the average person can handle. You are growing as a person. You are growing because you are going through something and you are overcoming it. After you have been bullied, are you going to want to run out and start belittling your co-worker? More than likely not. They are giving you a gift because you now know how it feels to be hurt. In turn, you will not hurt another person. You will go above and beyond trying to make others feel at home. It doesn’t matter where you are, you have learned what respect is. You have learned that you do not have to tolerate another person who does not respect you. And, you will show every person that enters your life what being respectful is all about.

So, this bully that has been belittling and over-powering you, they are thinking that they are on top of the world. Guess what? They are not. They never will be. If it takes mean words to make them feel tough and powerful, they are the ones who are half an inch tall. Look at them in a different light. Don’t fear them for their strong words. Picture the coward that they actually are. Because if they were actually somebody who’s opinions mattered, they would be using all their negative energy towards random acts of kindness. They would be more like the person you are now becoming, thanks to them and all the strength that those terrible words have given you.

You are important. You matter to the world. You can make a positive impact on this world. Find a way, make a path and charge on through. The only thing this bully will fear, is the new and powerful YOU.




¬†Aside from my¬†Fiance and my children, I am surrounded by some extremely strong personality types.¬† From relatives and friends,¬†whom I see quite often, to co-workers and an ex, I am pretty meek comparatively.¬† I went from being the shy girl, to finally speaking up.¬† But, there comes a time where you have to just let some things roll.¬† This I have learned, but sometimes we all don’t get the same life lessons.¬† So, here is what I do to cope.

I go to Serenityville. 

It’s the little place I find in my mind where I kind of wipe all of the negativity out.¬† Whether I need to picture the beautiful landscaping at my favorite parks, to picking up a good book and just losing myself in it, I find Serenityville in my mind.¬†

When I say those around me have strong personalities, sometimes it goes a little bit further than that.¬† Sometimes, I don’t¬†just don’t agree.¬† When I don’t contort to their views,¬†they drill and drill and drill their opinions into my¬†head, hoping I will budge.¬† Maybe in the past I used to, just to appease them.¬† But, I think that once you become a Mom, it is so important to hold on to YOUR beliefs.¬† Not theirs.¬†¬†Do I need to be rude?¬† Not at all.¬† Instead, I tell them I understand what they are saying.¬† When they don’t stop the texting, the calling, the e-mailing,¬†the repetitiveness or the talking, I find my place in Serenityville and hope they move on to the next person.

Why argue?¬† No need to fight.¬† Let it go and find your zone.¬† They can talk and talk all they want.¬† You don’t have to fight back to show that you aren’t backing down.¬† What’s the point?¬† Let them stress themselves out over nothing.¬† They can worry about the stress it puts on them.¬† Don’t let them put it on you too.¬†¬†

Sometimes your best defense in a fight, is the ability to walk away.

Take a deep breath.¬† Find some serenity.¬† Ask yourself if it will matter a year from now.¬† If it will, then stand up for yourself.¬† If it’s¬†just the strong-willed people around you doing what it is they do best, just think of that peaceful place and smile.¬†

The weakest are often those that use their voice and power to try to be heard.  The strong are those who can turn the other cheek.








You Are Amazing

Dear Reader,

You are amazing. 

Yes, you. 

The one on the other side of this screen peaking in.¬† You’re amazing in many ways.¬†

How do I know? 

I just do.  

I catch myself at times comparing my talents to others.¬† I compare anything from writing, to my job, to parenting, to being a wife, etc.¬† Sometimes, I put myself on a level that is so far beneath my peers, it hurts my neck to look up at them.¬† I’m not sure why I do this, but it’s something I’ve always done.¬† Lately, I have been realizing more and more that I don’t have to do this.¬† I can be just as good as the next person.¬† Degree, no degree, stay at home mom or working, I’m not beneath anybody.¬† I’m me, I have talent and some of those talents are quite amazing.

That’s how I know you (YES, YOU!) are amazing too.¬† When everyone takes the hand of the person next to them and shows them just how wonderful they are, the world will be a better place.¬† When we can look at the person across from us and only look at them on a complete and total level, not up, not down, the world will be a better place.¬†

You can do a great job at that office that you’ve been too afraid to apply to.¬†

You can do a great job at your daughter’s next PTA meeting.¬†

You can write a wonderful blog and help thousands of people find a smile.

Yes, you.¬† You can do anything that you want to do.¬† There’s no mountain too tall for somebody like you.

For somebody as amazing as you.



The Misery Trap

Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by negativity.  Constant negativity РConstant misery.  You try so hard to fight through this, using your positivity as your shield.  Then, suddenly:


You’ve been captured by the misery trap.

Misery hunters often act in the same way as animal hunters, although animal hunters usually hunt as a fun hobby.  Not misery hunters.  They lay out their bait to try to capture their prey.  They feed off of your misery.  This is not for fun.  This is only because misery loves company.

No matter what you do, misery hunters always have something negative to say.¬† It could be the happiest day of the year, but they would find something to complain about.¬† You could offer to do things for them, but they would find reasons to complain about what you did.¬† You don’t do anything right.¬† They have to do everything because that is the only way it will get done correctly!¬† It’s a lose-lose situation folks!





You can’t fight with a martyr.

It’s hard not getting stuck in this misery.¬† It acts just like quicksand.¬† You can conquer it though.¬† Trust me.¬† It can be done.¬† When they start going on the misery rampage, block your ears (not literally, but you know what I mean.¬† Block your ears and then smile and nod.¬†

Smile and nod.

That’s it.¬† When they see that they are not getting to you, it’s going to do 1 of 2 things.¬†

1) It will irritate them and make them even more miserable.¬† You will hear the mutter and grumbling even louder than before.¬† They aren’t getting to you and it is going to drive them crazy.


2) They may catch your positivity.¬† Even if it’s for a split second, your burst of positivity may act like a net being thrown over that misery.¬†¬†

Either way, just let it roll.¬†¬† Let it roll right off your shoulders.¬† Try and fight back as hard as you can.¬† Don’t sink to their level and fight in a negative manner.¬† Fight ’em with your positivity.

Smile and nod.




When They Are All Grown Up, Will Those Dirty Dishes Matter?

We opted for the fair this weekend, rather than the dishes.

I work 40 hours a week, my Fiance puts in 40 hours plus a week.¬† By the time we get home at night, it’s close to 5:30-6:00pm.¬† I see the laundry that needs to be put away.¬† I see the dirty dishes from the night before.¬† But, most importantly, I see my 3 babies that I haven’t seen all day.

We play games.¬† We may do a craft.¬† My daughter is in 2nd grade, so we will do her homework and read.¬† We do bath time, family supper time (we are one of those odd families that eat all together, we pick a few kids shows to watch, and then by 8:30 it’s bed time.

I admit, I get a little overwhelmed looking around at the household chores we neglected to do.  We may do a little bit to ease our minds, but majority will sit there until our free weekend day.  Thankfully we are not talking about an episode of Hoarders, just clothes, toys and all that good stuff.

Some people don’t do it this way.¬† Some people are able to clean up and stay home with the kids.¬† We choose to spend our time with our children first.¬† They have their chores.¬† They know what responsibilities are.¬† But, really, with only really 2-3 hours to spend with them each night, can the dishes wait?

We think they can.

You don’t have to agree.¬† You don’t have to like it.¬† But, when our babies are all grown up and moved away, we will have all the time in the world to tidy up each day.



ASSUME – 3 Words Within the Word


Assumption.¬† Oh, how I hate assumptions and judgement for that matter.¬† ¬†As much as I would like to say I can let things just roll off my back, like rain on a windshield, I can’t.¬† I let it stick to me like gum on the bottom of my shoe.

Why do people’s opinions of me matter so much?¬† Especially the opinions of people who really don’t impact my life?¬† I see other people just not care and do what it is they want to do, I just can’t do that.¬† I want to.¬† I have tried.¬† But, I have failed.

So and so thinks I am not the “domestic” type.¬† I can’t cook, clean, entertain, the whole nine yards.¬† These opinions have irritated me the last few hours of work.¬† So and so has never been to my home.¬† They have never been to a cookout, birthday party, anything of mine.¬† They have not seen me much outside of our work environment.¬† How can they “know” so much that they have never even seen?

Guess what?¬† They can’t.

They can assume they know what I do, but they don’t.¬†¬† They can assume to know the relationship my fiance and I have, but they don’t.¬† They can assume to know my personal thoughts, but they don’t know those either.¬† They need to stop believing their assumptions.¬† They need to start finding facts to back them up.¬† Just because you think it and believe it, doesn’t make it real.

We all know what it means to assume.  Like the title of this post, there are 3 words inside of this one word.  

Don’t be that first word.¬†¬†



Raccoon Eyes And Broken High Heels – When Mommy Tries To Look Pretty.

If only I could wear baseball hats to work!

6am comes pretty fast in my home.  Especially after an interrupted nights sleep that goes a little something like:

“Mommy, can you tuck me in?”

“Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Mommy, my cup is almost empty.¬† If I drink it there will be none left.¬† May I please have some more?”

I work a 40 hour a week job.¬† I honestly do try to look nice for it in the mornings.¬† It is mighty difficult though.¬† One child needs to get ready for school.¬† While I am trying to get her to brush her teeth, my¬†3-year-old¬†is feeding the cat.¬† That consists of the entire bag of cat food missing the cat’s bowl.¬† While all of these things are going on, my¬†2-year-old is waking up with pop tarts stuck into his hair.

This is a normal morning.

I try to hurry up and take a shower.¬† My Fiance leaves for work before any of us are awake, so it’s just me vs the 3.¬† I take a 5 minute (if that) semi-warm shower.¬† I can’t take a hot shower like I would like to because my 2-year-old¬†tends to stick his head into the tub, trying to reach for the toilet paper roll he managed to throw in from¬†across the room.¬†

After I finish that, I reach for my clothes that I picked out the night before.¬† I usually set them on the bathroom floor.¬† On occasion, one of my pant legs will end up in the toilet, thanks to my baby boys trying to “help” me do laundry.¬† They get the whole wash with water thing, but haven’t gotten the washing machine concept yet.

I then make sure my oldest is on task with her getting ready for school routine. 

“Did you brush your teeth?”

She smiles.  Pieces of breakfast stuck in her gums.

“Go and brush them again.¬† And use your new toothbrush.¬†¬† Your brother just through yours in the kitty box.”

Now, it’s time for me to apply make up.¬† I¬†try the smokey eye look.¬†¬† I watched a few tutorials and love how it looks.¬† Liner and shadow applied.¬† Mirror check and…

I look like a rabid raccoon.

I reach for a wash cloth that has not been splashed with toilet water.  Wash it off and just do my same old routine. 

If my Fiance could see me now, smokey eyes or not, this is not a sexy look.

I reach for my favorite heels and what do you know?  My 3-year-old boy broke them while wearing them around the house.

Ok, all is ok. 

Flip flops it is.  Again.  Pretty much until it snows.

Head count for the kids.  Everyone is ready.  Wash the ink pen off my 2 year olds face.  One more teeth check for my oldest.  Other child has put the soaking wet cat down after trying to give him a bath.  Now, he needs a new outfit. 

I change his clothes.  Allset to go.  Then, sniff, sniff.  Ok, who needs a new diaper? 

Everyone changed.¬† Out the door.¬† And then I remember I didn’t do my hair.¬† Low ponytail or bun for the win.

Being a mommy, not always so glamorous.¬† But, I wouldn’t change this loco life for the world.

After all, this isn’t Miss America.¬† It’s just the life of a typical working Mommy in America.



Road Rage – We Can’t Hear You Screaming Inside Your Car!

Silly thing happened this morning.¬† I was driving my daughter to school and there was a bus about a half mile down the road.¬† The bus was picking up children on the way, so traffic was stop and go.¬† Nobody could move out-of-the-way, it’s a normal school morning where patience is a great thing.

Well, not all of us had patience.

Here comes this lady, honking her horn, telling people to move so she can pull into a side street.¬† None of us had any place to go, we were all bumper to bumper!¬† She proceeded to flip anybody she could see off in the process!¬† Didn’t care who saw her do it.¬† Didn’t even care about the children waiting at the bus stop or about my daughter who could see what she was doing.¬† Luckily, she doesn’t know what that means.

“Momma, why is that lady so mad?”¬† She asked innocently.

“Some people are just in a hurry sweetheart.”¬† I said.

I get grumpy on occasion.¬† People who don’t use their directional usually set me off, but I don’t have a hissy fit about it.¬† There is nothing I can do to change the situation.¬† My mean old Mom mobile with pink license plates will not intimidate anybody.¬†

I, personally don’t understand the point of the honking or the yelling from behind the wheel.¬† We can’t hear you.¬† We don’t care what you are saying.¬† You are only raising your blood pressure and taking years off of your life, so why do it?!

Oh, and for all the tail-gaters¬†of the world:¬† Following behind somebody, with only an inch or two between vehicles is not going to make the person in the front go any faster.¬† I will drive exactly the speed limit if you do this to me.¬†¬† I know some people who will brake check you.¬† I don’t believe in this personally, but it happens and guess what:¬† The person who rear-ends the other car is the one at fault.

Not worth it!

So, my advice for the day is smile and nod.¬† Let somebody into the traffic line.¬† Don’t let your children or anybody else’s children see you commit road ragism. When somebody beeps and yells angrily at you, smile and wave.¬† If you see an angry driver,¬† be happy that person doesn’t work with you.¬† Or, even better, be happy you aren’t married to that person.¬†

And if you are married to “that” person, I am so sorry.¬† You are in my thoughts and prayers.¬† I really hope they don’t act like that when it comes to the television remote.



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